The high end class material with low resitivity as well as thermal durability.

Genesta(KC-792R B22T4)
Highest performance material hiring Genesta, high thermal resistivity Nylon developed by Kuraray.

The best suited material for clean room garment

The best suited material for clean room garment

High performance gained by Genesta

Genesta has property of lower crystal elasticity and lower glass transform point than polyester or nylon.

Which offers a material yarn to make the higher thermal durability and soft texture in finished fabric. Moist ratio with 1.76 which offers easiness of dyeing and finishing and stable in the use.

Materials Genesta Polyester Polyamide6
Young modulus(cN/Dtex) 55.6 90~160 20~45
Melting point(℃) 265 265 220
Glass Transform Point(℃) 120 70 50
Crystal Elasticity(Gpa) 31 125 142
Typical Hydro-Ratio(65%RH) 1.76 0.4 4.5