Conditions to use our Web Site

In order to use the web site maintained by Kuraray Trading Co.,Ltd. (described as our web site in below sentences), the conditions described hereunder should be read through carefully before using it and being consent with customers.
Kuraray Trading Co., Ltd. will hold the right to change the conditions of use of our web site and such change will be applied to the use prior to such change.

■Copyright, Trade Mark

・All the copyright exhibited in our web site belongs to Kuraray Trading Co., Ltd. or its original author, regardless of the form of its contents, such as literal contents, photographic contents, recorded message and program (called contents hereunder).

Other than private use or any accepted use by the law, the use of contents to copy or release without prior consent to the copyright holder is not allowed by law. Such copying or releasing the contents should be only allowed with the prior consent from Kuraray Trading Co., Ltd.

In case of contents such as portrait or contents which copy right belongs to third party may not be allowed to use.

The trade name or registered trade mark including logo mark used on our web site belongs to Kuraray Trading intangible assets.

The use of such Trade Mark without our prior consent is not legally allowed, the prior consent of Kuraray Trading Co., Ltd. and permission should be requested for such use.

■Linking our Website

・The linking of third party's web site (called linking site hereunder) to our website should be managed by such linking site party's responsibility and not under control of our site management.
The use of such linking site shall be done by the conditions held by such linking site.

We shall not be responsible for the contents of such linking site or any damage or loss caused by the use of such linking site.

・The linking to our web site does not mention that Kuraray Trading Co., recommends to use such linking site nor recommend the merchandise, service, company on such linking site.

It does not mention either that Kuraray Trading Co., and Linking site has any special cooperative relationship.

・The party who wishes to linking to our web site should consult with Kuraray Trading Co., Ltd. using the form of "Inquiries/Request for information".

■Governing Law

The use of our website or the interpretation and application should be governed by Japanese law unless otherwise determined.

Any arbitration regarding the use of our website shall be filed to Tokyo Rural Court or Osaka Rural Court unless otherwise determined.

■Exemption from responsibility

・Kuraray Trading Co., Ltd. shall pay full attention when informations are uploaded to our website.

However, those information described on our website are not guaranteed to be correct, accurate, useful, verified or applicable to the objective of the users, safe (no function interruption, no error, no amendment to errors or no computer virus or other hazardous subject contained).

Kuraray Trading Co., Ltd. shall not be responsible for the use of users, being unable to use website, or any damage cause by the use of our website.

・Kuraray Trading Co., Ltd. may change the information, delete the information or suspend the managing of our website without any prior notice.

Kuraray Trading Co., shall not be responsible for any damage caused by such change or suspension stated above.

■Recommended a browser

Our website is recommended to be viewed with following browser software or its latest version.

<Windows XP/Windows Vista >
* ・Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
* ・Microsoft Internet Explorer 7
* ・Mozilla Firefox 3
<Mac OS X>
* ・Safari 3
* ・Mozilla Firefox 3

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